Pathophysiology Department.

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Vyacheslav V. NOVITSKIY

Graduate of the Medical Department of Tomsk Medical Institute
Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor

Membership in Scientific Academies and other Scientific titles Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation
Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences
Academician of the International Academy of Sciences of the Higher School (1994)
Academician of Albert Schweizer International Academy of Medicine (1998)
Academician of the Polish Academy of Medicine (1998)
Laureate of the State (Presidential) Scholarship "Outstanding Russian Scientist"

Contact information:
Phone: (3822) 55–36–13

Main Direction of Scientific Research
Molecular mechanisms of structure, metabolic and functional disturbances in blood cells during pathological process.

Developed Sections and Directions of Scientific Research

  1. Molecular foundations of virus persistence
    (Supervisors of the direction: Professor Novitskiy V.V., Professor Ryazantseva N.V. E–mail: )
  2. Mechanisms of bacterial resistance formation during pulmonary tuberculosis
    (Supervisors of the direction: Professor Novitskiy V.V, Professor Strelis A.K., Professor Urazova O.I. E–mail:
  3. Molecular mechanisms of erythrocytes membrane changes during different pathological processes
    (Supervisors of the direction: Professor Novitskiy V.V, Professor Ryazantseva N.V. Professor Stepovaya E. A. E–mail:

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