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Department of Otorhinolaryngology

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Head: Alexander STAROKHA

Graduate of Tomsk Medical Institute, Dr. Med., Professor

Membership in Scientific Academies and other scientific titles:

  1. Member of European Rhinology Society (ERS)
  2. Member of International Academy of Memory Shaped Materials and Implants (A-SME)
  3. Chief otorhinolaryngologist of Tomsk oblast

Contact information:

Tel.: +7 (3822) 41–72–70
E–mail: ent-ssmumail.ru, Starokhayahoo.com

Main Scientific Directions of the Department:

Development of new methods of diagnostics and functional optical-endoscopic and reconstructive-restorative surgical treatment methods in otorhinolaryngology

Developed Sections and Directions of Scientific Research:

  1. Investigation of immunopathogenesis and new methods of diagnosis and treatment of otitis media with effusion. Jointly with Immunology Chair of SSMU (Supervisors: Assistant Professor, PhD., Natalia Sherbik and Professor E. Kologrivova; e-mail: ent-ssmumail.ru)
  2. Development of new technologies of endoscopic reconstructive and plastic surgery of nose and paranasal sinuses (Supervisor - Professor Alexander Starokha; e-mail: Starokhayahoo.com)
  3. New technologies of conservative and minimal invasive surgical treatment of hearing loss (Supervisors: Assistant Professor, Ph.D., Andrey Davidov, e-mail: av_davidovmail.ru)
  4. Endoscopic technologies of surgical dacriostenosis treatment (Supervisors: Assistant Professor, Ph.D., Mikhail Shilov, e-mail: ent-ssmumail.ru)
  5. Investigation of new methods of diagnostics and rehabilitation of sensorineural hearing loss (Supervisor - Chair Assistant, Ph.D. Maxim Litvak, e-mail: mm_litvakmail.ru)
  6. Development of new technologies of surgical rehabilitation of laryngeal and tracheal stenosis (Supervisor - Professor Alexander Starokha; e-mail: Starokhayahoo.com)

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