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Department of General and Differentiated Psychology.

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Lyudmila F. ALEKSEEVA, Doctor of Psychological Science, Professor

Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor

Members in Scientific Academies and other Scientific titles:
Honored Worker of High School (April, 1995)

Contact information:
phone: +7 3822 43–05–88
e-mail: asilovassmu.net.ru

Main Direction of Scientific Research
Person and behaviour.

Developed Sections and Directions of Scientific Research

  1. Psychology of personal activity.
    (supervisor of the direction — Professor L. F. Alekseeva,
    phone: +7 3822 52–30–09)
  2. Short-term multimodal psychotherapy in children and adolescents.
    (Supervisor of the direction — Associate Professor N.V.Kazantseva
    E-mail: natakasmail.ru)
  3. Nonlinear dynamic analysis of physiological and psycho–physiological processes in humans.
    (supervisor of the direction — Professor K. G. Yazykov,
    e-mail: yazkmail.ru )
  4. Biological bases of behavior. Cognitive biology. Psychopharmacology.
    (Supervisor of the direction of the direction — Professor N. I. Suslov).
  5. Health psychology: gender approach.
    (Supervisors of the direction — Associate Professor N.S.Hoch, T.V.Kashtanova.
    E-mail: hochnmail.ru).
  6. Ecological psychology. Bilateral interaction in reflexive thinking (bicameral mind; reflexive cognitology)
    (supervisor - professor К.G. Yazikov, E-mail: yazkmail.ru).

Participation in International Projects and Joint research (Project title and Partners)

Reforms in psychiatry
Robert van Voren, General Secretary, Geneva Initiative in Psychiatry (GIP)

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