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Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Postdiploma Faculty.

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Kokh Lilia Ivanovna, MD, PhD, DNSci

Graduate of Omsk Medical Institute,
Doctor of Medical Science, Professor

Contact information:
phone: +73822 646 212
e–mail: kochlirambler.ru

Main Scientific Directions of the Department
Basic researches into anatomy of uterus, uterine appendages, paroophoron, into uterine activity in health and reasons of disorders. Peculiarities of uterus blood supply and its association with fetoplacental insufficiency.

Developed Sections and Directions of Scientific Research

  1. Study of uterine activity in health and none (in obstetrics - in labors, in gynecology - in myomas) (Supervisors: Professor L.I.Kokh (E–mail: kochlirambler.ru), L.S.Sotnikova).
  2. Study of parovarium in health and none (Supervisors: Professor L.I.Kokh (E–mail: kochlirambler.ru), L.S.Sotnikova).
  3. Development and introduction of pathogenetic methods of treatment of diffusive hyperpasia of mammary glands in the patients with gynecological pathology (Supervisors: Professor L.I.Kokh (E–mail: kochlirambler.ru), L.S.Sotnikova).

Participation in International Projects and Joint Research (Project title and Partners):


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