Full Name of Department (Chair)
Phtisiologi and Pulmonologi Department

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Name of the Chair`s Heard
Ayvars-Janis Karlovich Strelis, MDSci, professor (1934-2009)

Today officiate Chair`s Heard is docent Nekrasov E.V.

Contact information:
Tel: (3822)91–14–80

Scientific Direction of the Chair

Multi-Drug-Resistant tuberculosis (MDR TB), epidemiology, diagnostics, and the complex treatment of the patients

Developed Sections and Directions of Scientific Research (the main supervisor – Corr. Mem. RMSA, Mem. LSA, MDSci, professor Strelis I-J. K.):

  1. Clinical, diagnostic aspects, chemotherapy of Multi- Drug-Resistant pulmonary tuberculosis, drugs side effects of DOTS (+) programme.
    (supervisor of the direction - assistant professor, can.m.sci. Buynova L.N.)
  2. The blood picture, immunological aspects of the drug-resistant tuberculosis (structurally-metabolic changed and functional characteristics of immunological cells)
    (supervisor of the direction – assistant professor, can.m.sci. Filinyuk O.V.)
  3. Strategy of the surgical treatment of multi-drug-resistant pulmonary tuberculosis.
    (supervisor of the direction  – MDSci Strelis А.А., can.m.sci. Nekrasov E.V., can.m.sci. Anastasov O.V.)
  4. Health and TB infection in children and teenagers in families with MDR TB and sputum positive patients.
    (supervisor of the direction  – can.m.sci. Kolokolova O.V., can.m.sci. Kusmina L.V.)
  5. Treatment of the syndrome of alcoholic dependence in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis.
    (supervisor of the direction – Yanov S.A.)

Completed dissertations since 2000:

  1. Clinical characteristics of blood in patients with the widespread destructive lung tuberculosis. Filinyuk O.V., Tomsk. – 2002.
  2. Short-cours chemotherapy for the first diagnosed TB patients with the limited tuberculosis process in lungs. Buynova L.N., Tomsk. – 2002.
  1. The acute progressive tuberculosis. Efficiency of the complex treatment of patients and its outcomes. Petrova L.E., Tomsk. – 2003.
  2.  Surgical treatment the patients with first diagnosed pulmonary TB treated with the short-cours chemotherapy. Nekrasov E.V., Tomsk. – 2003.
  3. Morphofunctional conditions of tissue basophiles at pulmonary tuberculosis. Bochkaryova O.P., Tomsk. – 2003.
  4. Allelic variants of the tuberculosis susceptibility candidate genes in Russian population of West Siberia. Kolokolova O.V., Tomsk. – 2005.
  5. Surgical treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis patients with multiple drug resistance and clinical rehabilitation. Strelis A.A., Tomsk. – 2005.
  6. 7. Ethiology and immunopathological aspects of multi-drug-resistant lung TB. Voronkova O.V., Tomsk. – 2006.
  7. Possibility of magnetic-resonens imagen in X-ray diagnosis of tuberculosis spondylitis. Leshyov A.S., Tomsk. – 2006.
  8. Clinical and immunological peculiarities lung TB with multi-drug-resistent MBT. Zemlyanaya N.A., Tomsk. – 20007.

Participation in International Projects and Joint researches

  1. From 1994 to 2003, various stages of the pilot project on introduction and adaptation to the local conditions of WHO strategy on struggle against tuberculosis so called "DOTS" were carried out, together with the British organization "Merlin".
  2. Since 1998, realization on territory of Tomsk oblast "The complex programs of revealing, treatment and monitoring of a tuberculosis, including its drug-resistant form" has began together with New York`s Iinstitute of Public Health, (1999-2002), «Merlin».
  3. Since 2000, the pilot project on diagnostics and treatment MDR TB, approved by Committee of Green Light WHO, program DOTS (+) has started and been carried out together with the organization "Partners in Health" (USA, since 2000), Laboratory institute of Boston (Since 2000), the Harward medical school (Since 2002) first in Russia and fifth in the world.
  4. From XII 2004 to XII 2009 the project of the Global Fund "Diagnostics and treatment of MDR TB patients" was carried out together with the organization "Partners in Health".
  5. Since 2006, scientific research "Influence of alcohol on results of treatment of tuberculosis in Tomsk, Russia" has been together with the organization «Partners in Health», Brigham`s hospital (Boston).
  6. Since 2006, scientific research "Mechanisms of formation of bacterial resistance in tuberculosis, mechanisms of immunological disregulation» has been started together with employees of faculty pathophisiology Siberian Medical University and employees of Kokh -Мechnikov Institute, Germany.
  7. From XII 2009 to XII 2015 the project of the Global Fund "Diagnostics and treatment of MDR TB patients" to be continued together with the organization "Partners in Health" and  the antituberculosis service  of  Tomsk region.
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