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Pediatrics Department of the Medical Faculty with Children's Diseases Course.

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Ludmila M. Ogorodova MD, PhD, DMSci
Graduate of the Pediatrics Faculty of Tomsk Medical Institute
Doctor of Medical Sciences

Membership in Scientific Academies and other scientific titles:
European Respiratory Society
European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
Russian Society of Pulmonologists
Russian Society of Clinical Immunologists

Contact information:
phone: +7 3822 53–23–04
fax: +7 (3822) 53–33–09
e–mail: ogorodovamail.tomsknet.ru

Main Scientific Directions of the Department
Bronchial asthma pathophysiology, genetics, therapy and epidemiology

Developed Sections and Directions of Scientific Research

  1. Asthma genetics, asthma expressional genomics (in collaboration with Tomsk Institute of Medical Genetics, Director Prof. Puzirev V.P.).
    Direction Supervisor: Prof. Ogorodova; e–mail: ogorodovamail.tomsknet.ru
  2. Regulation of atopic inflammation and apoptosis in bronchial asthma.
    Direction Supervisor: Dr. Ivanchuk I. I.; e–mail: molbiolland.ru
  3. Difficult-to-treat asthma.
    Direction Supervisor: Dr. Kobyakova; e-mail:
  4. Severe asthma treatment, epidemiology, pharmacoepidemiology.
    Direction Supervisor: Dr. Petrovsky F. I.; e–mail:
  5. Noninvasive markers of airway inflammation in asthma.
    Direction Supervisor: Dr. Petrovskaya Yu. A.; e–mail:

Participation in International Projects and Joint Research (Project title and Partners):
Institute of Molecular Genetics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. Joint research project in asthma genetics (in collaboration with Tomsk Institute of Medical Genetics, Director Prof. Puzirev V.P.)

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